What Smoking Really Does to Your Oral Health

Vapor like smoke on a dark background

Drink a six pack of Mountain Dew a day, floss using Twizzlers or brush with cotton candy and you will still probably do less damage to your teeth and gums then what happens from smoking. That’s why your dentist West Linn is happy to inform you! Smoking easily ranks as the most destructive habit you…

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Dealing With Dry Mouth

Female drinking from a glass of water

While we might not think about it often, a healthy mouth requires plenty of saliva to help moisten and cleanse our teeth and gums. When your body fails to produce enough saliva to keep the mouth adequately moist, you become for more susceptible to developing the types of infection, decay and fungi saliva usually helps…

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Preparing Your Oral Health For Retirement

Elderly Friends Together at Beach

As we age, our mouths and teeth change a lot over the years. Whether in kindergarten or preparing for retirement, maintaining a healthy, great looking smile means staying committed to practicing quality oral hygiene at home and scheduling regular visits to see the dentist. Much as planning for your golden years requires focusing on the…

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Understanding the Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Tired girl suffering from strong toothache

When you need dental implants in West Linn, there’s a pretty clear reason behind why Dr. Dugger would recommend oral surgery. Whether from tooth decay, gum disease or oral trauma, a clear cause and effect relationship exists that leads to getting dental implants in West Linn. However, when it comes to your oral health in…

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Is Charcoal Toothpaste Really a Safe Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Black charcoal whitening toothpaste being squeezed from tube

As a West Linn cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dugger understands that patients can go to great lengths to find new and innovative ways to brighten their smiles. However, the trouble with jumping on whitening trends is that lasting damage can already be done before oral health experts even have the chance to determine whether the practice…

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