Don’t Let Teeth Grinding Ruin Your Smile

man with imperfect teeth

As a West Linn OR dentist, Dr. Dugger understands just how difficult it can be for patients to maintain the appearance of their teeth. From the enamel staining foods and drink we consume daily to the effects of tooth decay and gum disease, maintaining a brilliantly bright and healthy looking smile can be a real…

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Understanding the Causes of a Toothache

man sitting on his couch with a toothache

At our family dentistry in West Linn, Dr. Dugger sees patients for a variety of reasons. Whether dental exams and cleanings designed to prevent decay, teeth whitening treatments to restore the luster lost to smile due to enamel staining foods and drinks, or the need for a dental implant, patients know they will receive the…

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The Dangers of Gum Recession

Portrait of happy patient in dental chair

At Dugger Dentistry, our team remains committed to providing our patients with the outstanding dental care they need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. For patients who want to continue smiling with confidence, avoiding gum disease is vital. A chronic infection of the soft tissues in the mouth, gum disease causes our…

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4 Ways An Unhealthy Smile Can Impact Your Health

family dentist in West Linn

If you suffer from bleeding gums, painful cavities, and chronic bad breath, your family dentist in West Linn wants you to know that you face bigger problems than just an unhealthy looking smile. What happens in your mouth can seriously impact other parts of your body, occasionally in some major ways. But how does oral…

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Smoking and Gum Disease

Woman Smoking and Reading the Paper

At our West Linn family dental office, Dr. Dugger is always happy to explain to patients about how smoking ranks as the worst possible habit they have can when it comes to the health of their teeth and gums. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a recent study has found that…

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