The Causes of Itchy Gums

close up of a woman with something stuck in her teeth

A frequent occurrence for many of our dental patients is itchy feeling in their gums. There are many reasons for such a sensation, from larger health problems to simple oral injuries. It may be difficult to discover which causes may lead to itchy gums, but here at Dugger Dentistry, where we offer the best in…

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What You Can Do About Sensitive Teeth

woman with a toothache

At Dugger Dentistry, your choice for cosmetic dentist in West Linn, we know that there are many folks who endure sensitive teeth on a daily basis. Sensitive teeth can make even the most basic actions, such as drinking hot and cold liquids or even just eating painful. Teeth sensitivity is caused when the enamel on…

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Probiotics May Be the Key to Fighting Gum Disease

Homemade natural yogurt with blueberries fruits

As a family and cosmetic dentist in West Linn, OR, our staff at Dugger Dentistry want all of our patients to enjoy the very best oral health possible. As patients of Dr. Dugger know, the best way to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums is by avoiding gingivitis. Gingivitis – an early stage…

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Drinking Sparkling Water May Still Harm Your Teeth

Many small champagne bubbles

As patients of West Linn dentist Dr. Dugger know, regularly drinking soda can lead to some serious oral health issues. That’s because soda contains two of the most highly corrosive substances that can damage tooth enamel – sugar and carbonic acid. Plaque – a sticky biofilm comprised of harmful oral bacteria – uses the sugars…

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Hormone Therapy Could Reduce the Risk of Gum Disease

Senior woman using digital tablet on armchair at home

Fatigue, mood changes, and hot flashes are just some of the many symptoms that commonly accompany menopause. Physicians can easily identify these telltale symptoms based on a patient’s age and medical history. Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help When symptoms start to interfere with a patient’s daily life, doctors can prescribe hormone replacement therapy to help…

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