Meet the Doctor

Robert Dugger, DMD

The Pacific Northwest has always been “home” for me. I was born and lived half my childhood in Portland back when it still had a small-town vibe. High School years were spent on the Clackamas River. Hiking & biking for miles in nature, I learned to love the seasons, history, and traditions of Oregon City and West Linn.

I returned to Portland to complete my undergrad and graduate degrees at Portland State University. After that, acceptance “up the hill” at OHSU’s School of Dentistry was my dream-come-true because I had no desire to leave the area.

While finishing Dental School, I looked at all my options and decided there’s no better place to raise a family and follow a career than at home in the Pacific Northwest. From that time, I committed myself to build a private dental practice that provides service to – and makes a difference in – the communities I grew up in.


People ask, “why did you become a dentist?” Two inspiring people always come to mind.

Dr. G was our family dentist and made a big impact on my life. When we switched to him, I went into his office expecting the same anxiety-ridden trauma I’d experienced before. But Dr. G proved a dentist can be gentle, calm, and engaging. He helped me understand there were options, why he had to do the work needed, and that a lot of people have the same feelings of fear and anxiety. In college, I realized that fear is a learned behavior, and dentistry was one of the few things I feared as a kid. I wanted to help others discover that dentistry doesn’t have to be a bad experience like Dr. G did for me.

Another big inspiration is my mom. She spent 40 years in healthcare helping thousands of people. Year after year, I see her as one of the most benevolent people I’ve ever met with a genuine sense of service. She continues to amaze me. Thanks for everything, mom!

Today, after 27+ years of private practice, I’m as committed as ever to my goals of:

  • Fostering a family-friendly environment where all ages feel safe in exploring their dental options
  • Establishing roots and long-term relationships in the community
  • Leading a team that is equally empathetic, professional, and goes the distance
  • Maintaining a clean and sterile office with state-of-the-art technology
  • Continuing education while implementing new and best practices for our patients (such as: dental implants, 3-D CT Scan Imaging, ceramic-based bio-compatible restorations, sedation, laser dentistry, aesthetic treatment, etc.)
  • Creating an atmosphere and culture that’s personal, not corporate

While all of the above is important to me, it’s not my whole life. One of the keys to a long and successful career is a balanced life outside of the practice. Being at home with my family helps keep me focused and refreshed. My wife, Liz, and I have a small farm where we’ve raised four kids (only one still at home). We love our life of continual projects, being outdoors, music, spending time with animals, and having everyone home for special occasions. Off the farm, we enjoy time in Portland, trips to Central Oregon, events in local communities, and time with friends.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me. The Dugger Dentistry team and I look forward to many more years of providing the highest level of care to our community. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and being your West Linn, OR dentist of choice!