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Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care: Dental Checkups and Cleanings

In recent years, a growing amount of research has found links between oral disease and a number of chronic health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Based on these findings, researchers no longer believe that tooth decay and gum disease only possess a threat to the health of an individual’s teeth and gums, but to his or her overall health, as well.

Fortunately, you can take steps to help protect your oral health by practicing quality oral hygiene at home. By taking the following steps, you can greatly improve your oral health now and into the future.

  • Brush twice a day. Brushing helps to remove food particles that linger in the mouth after eating and harmful oral bacteria from the surface of our teeth and along the gum line. When allowed to build up, these substances can greatly increase our risk for dental decay and disease. Brushing removes these substances thereby preventing plaque – a sticky biofilm – from transforming the foods we eat into acids that erode away at our tooth enamel. To lower your risk of tooth decay, the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day for at least two minutes each time.
  • Floss daily. Flossing works to remove plaque and food particles from areas of our mouth a toothbrush cannot reach – between our teeth and below the gum line. While some recent reports have called into question whether flossing really helps to protect our oral health, Dr. Dugger still recommends that all patients continue to floss daily. If you’re still not convinced that flossing can help to protect your oral health, consider that the most common place for cavities to form in the mouth is actually between our teeth.
  • Schedule regular dental exams. When combined with brushing and flossing, scheduling regular exams to see your dentist in West Linn greatly lowers your long-term risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Not only will this help to protect and improve your smile, if the research is right, regular dental visits can also improve your overall health as well.

Dental Exams & Cleanings

While brushing and flossing daily rank as the two most important oral hygiene habits you can practice, scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings with Dr. Dugger and our experienced staff of dental hygienists at Dugger Dentistry, your dentist in West Linn, Oregon, also plays a vital role in protecting your long-term oral health. Exams provide Dr. Dugger the opportunity to spot the early signs of decay and gum disease while still easily treatable. Cleanings allow our dental hygienists to remove built-up deposits of plaque, called tartar, from the surface of your teeth where the substance can contribute to the development of decay and gum disease.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Dugger to gain a detailed understanding of each patient’s oral care requirements with much less radiation than typical x-rays. This allows him to create a custom treatment plan that addresses the individual needs of every patient. You can feel assured that at Dugger Dentistry, we understand that every patient has his or her own unique dental needs, and that we will take the time and make the effort to ensure that you receive the individual care you deserve.

You can no longer afford to take your oral health for granted. The long-term consequences make practicing quality oral hygiene a necessary and vital part of protecting your overall health. Make sure your dentist appreciates the connection between the mouth and body, and schedule a checkup at Dugger Dentistry today.

Dental Sealants

Our teeth feature a number of crevices and fissures that can be difficult to properly clean, especially for younger patients who don’t possess the manual dexterity or attention to detail need to perform adequate oral hygiene. When tooth decay impacts these areas and causes cavities, it can seriously impact the long-term oral health, especially in the youngest patients who have yet to develop their permanent teeth.

Dental sealants effectively “seal” aways these hard to clean areas of a patient’s teeth, protecting them form the effects of plaque and tooth decay. In just one 10 minutes session, Dr. Dugger can quickly and conveniently apply sealants directly to the surface of a patient’s teeth. Made from a thin but incredibly durable resin, dental sealants can last for years before a reapplication is needed.

Take the steps to help protect the long-term health of your kids oral health. Contact our office today to find out more about dental sealants.

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