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“As a valued patient at Dugger Dentistry, we appreciate the reviews and feedback you give us. Our goal is to treat you as we would our personal friends and family. We want to continue growing our practice and welcome even more great patients! Your feedback helps searching patients know just who we are, and what we have to offer. Thank you!” – Rob & the Team at Dugger Dentistry


My wife has been having some extensive work done with Dr. Dugger and his staff. She has had more than one bad experience in a dentist's chair so she has a great deal of anxiety,

Dr. Dugger was patient and very compassionate with my wife. She has completed her procedures and received very concise instructions for appropriately maintaining her dental work.

We would recommend Dr. Dugger and his great staff to anyone who is looking for excellent and knowledgeable dental care with the added benefit of warm, caring staff.

Michael V. Avatar
Michael V.

Dugger is the best. Great office, new equipment, friendly and professional people. Highly recommend.

Kris K. Avatar
Kris K.

5 star ratingWe traveled from South Salem to Dugger Dentistry because we had an excellent referral.

My experience was fantastic and who wants to say that about a dental office?

Everyone is friendly and warm and makes you very comfortable, almost forgetting any of your prior anxiety of going to the dentist.

I had a thorough consultation and feel informed as Dr. Dugger took time to explain the options I have and which one he felt would be the best for me personally.

I will have my dental work completed by Dr. Dugger and refer our extensive family to his office as well...excluding the ex-wife...hahahaha!

Shelley V. Avatar
Shelley V.

5 star ratingBoth my husband and I are so pleased with the care and service we get at Dugger Dentistry.  Dr. Dugger is not only wonderfully skilled and professional in the practice of dentistry, but he is such a man of honesty and integrity.  When he gives his professional opinion about a decision we need to make in our care, he doesn't do it with the bottom line of how easy, how affordable or expensive it will be.  He gives his opinion based on what is BEST for us for the long term, what will give us more years with the teeth we have!  We trust Dr. Dugger implicitly and highly recommend this dental practice

Vicki C. Avatar
Vicki C.

Have been going to Dr. Dugger for years. Warm, friendly and very supportive of the "dentalphobics" like myself. Great team and I love the fact I can show up and leave with my crown on the same day!! Super tech office. Still going this many years later (2019) and love that office, staff and Bob Dugger

Deirdre C. Avatar
Deirdre C.

5 star ratingConfidence is what you have when Dr. Dugger and his team work on your dental issues.
I don't worry about the outcome.
Have been a patient for 10 years and have always been very pleased with the results of their work.
Steve E.

Steve E. Avatar
Steve E.

5 star ratingThe best dentist and staff ever. I am extremely afraid of the dentist and have high anxiety. This is the only team in my life time (33years) a dentist and their team have made me feel comfortable.

They care about their patients and even if you live far away, it's worth the commute.

Adam S. Avatar
Adam S.

5 star ratingDr. Dugger has done 2 bridges for me...very comfortable.  He made the process go as pleasantly as possible.  Love the whole staff..all have really worked with me taking care of all of my dental needs.

Anne C. Avatar
Anne C.

5 star ratingLeslie is a great, friendly and knowledgable hygienist and Libby is a fantastic hygienist with my two boys (5 and 7). Dr. Dugger is patient and gentle - and I have some serious nerves around dental work. The staff is great every time I go in.

Casey R. Avatar
Casey R.

5 star ratingGreat staff, great service and great end result. So friendly also and look forward to more visits!

VN J. Avatar

5 star ratingAll of the staff are invested in your dental health and care about your comfort during your appointment.

Jen G. Avatar
Jen G.

Dugger Dentistry is the complete package. A friendly and knowledgeable team of professionals that have solutions to my dental needs. I highly recommend them to anyone that looks for a great Dentist working with a very professional and caring team.
Steve Elliott

Pro S. Avatar
Pro S.

I really don't like going to the dentist but Dr. Dugger and his staff are so great it makes it easy. Got my teeth cleaned yesterday and they actually use warm water instead of cold and it makes a huge difference. Thank you Dr. Dugger and Team!

Marsha W. Avatar
Marsha W.

Dugger means quality in dentistry no kidding.
happy to be back!

Alex O. Avatar
Alex O.

Great Dentist, Staff, and Office. Very respectful of your decisions & gives practical advice.

Kim F. Avatar
Kim F.

5 star ratingThe office staff is great! Dr Dugger is great! All around best dentist experience you can have! I would highly recommend!!

Gene S. Avatar
Gene S.

Does anyone really like to go to the dentist? Probably not. I remember some pretty traumatic times as a kid (getting mercury fillings, of course). Well, I broke a crown on Monday and was able to get in to see Dr Dugger yesterday for removal of the old crown. I've always appreciated the personal care they offer and interest in nature. A tank of tropical (salt water) fish is in the waiting room - real fish, not a screen of fish. Then, of course, the Dr Dugger and all his staff are personable. I asked him about his bees. He's lost all his bees two years in a row due to the cold. Yet on Monday he captured two swarms - probably wild, he thinks - on his property, and carefully transferred them to a more formal, protected structure. (yes, he's a bee keeper, too). What an interesting (and beautiful) experience to help erase and transform some of the old, bad dentist experiences as a kid. Oh, and yes, he's highly competent, skilled and careful. I expect my new crown in about a week.

Rosemary L. Avatar
Rosemary L.

5 star ratingYesterday was my first visit to see Dr Dugger! I felt very welcome and all of the staff were great!

Greg R. Avatar
Greg R.

I had a wonderful experience. The staff were attentive and engaging, and I the procedure I required was completely pain-free. I am very happy with my new dentist!

Melissa K. Avatar
Melissa K.

I changed to Dr. Dugger after my wife had a good experience with her first visit and couldn't be happier. I had a broken tooth that others didn't have a practical solution but right away Dr. Dugger gave me a couple of options and one he suggested worked our great. The staff is very friendly and take the time to explain the procedures so you feel comfortable right away. Highly recommend them.

Michael J. Avatar
Michael J.

5 star ratingI actually called to make  a teeth cleaning appointment for my daughter. I didn't want to pass my dental fears on to her. With her appointment set I inquired for myself. I personally dread getting my sensitive teeth cleaned, but it had been years since the last cleaning. They had a same day opening. I figured I better jump on  it before I changed my mind. Leslie was amazing!! With her tricks of the trade I had no pain at all during the cleaning and after. I even prescheduled my next dental cleaning.  My fear and pain relieved. Great Dr and staff!

Kay K. Avatar
Kay K.

5 star ratingIt is always a pleasure to come to the Dugger Dentistry. The staff is friendly and we are well taken care of. We highly recommend them.

Charlotte K. Avatar
Charlotte K.

The best of the best! Never a bad experience with Dugger Dentistry! I used to be absolutely terrified of going to the dentist and now I can't wait to see Dr Dugger and his amazing staff! 5 stars doesn't feel like enough. His office truly goes above and beyond every time. I recommend Dugger Dentistry to everyone!

Kate R. Avatar
Kate R.

5 star ratingA broken crown lead me to my hillside, neighborhood dentist. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Dr. Dugger and his professional staff are not only dental pros, they are warm, friendly and very accommodating. X-ray technology has advanced in new and Uber-cool ways.

A pain-free, full mouthed pano (for we lay folks, panoramic) X-ray happened in a nano-second.  Coolest picture ever.  All my teeth, skull and part of my spine in full glory! A "ghoulish" mug shot suitable for later Halloween decor.  

Jack and Jill will be falling down a lot!  Going to the dentist at Dugger Dentistry is virtually a pain-free pleasant experience.

Mary K. Avatar
Mary K.

Dr. Duggar and his staff are fabulous! My family has been going there for 10 years.

Jennifer N. Avatar
Jennifer N.

5 star ratingGreat dentist.  He is patient and considerate.  I Highly recommend him.  I am not a fan of dental work (is anyone?) but he made me very comfortable and I trust him with my smile!

Susan S. Avatar
Susan S.

5 star ratingI just moved to the area and needed to find a great dentist
I searched and liked the reviews for Dugger Dentistry.
Having just visited to get a crown installed, I am really impressed and couldn't be more happy.
Everyone was amazing and very helpful.
My experience was relaxing and Dr Dugger was awesome.
I highly recommend Dugger Dentistry

G R. Avatar
G R.

5 star ratingI had to get a root canal done and am terrified of the dentist. Dr Dugger made this experience the best dental experience of my life! I will NOT be going anywhere else for dental work!!! Thank you so much! Five star rating is not enough for this dentist. He was amazing and made me feel comfortable the entire time!

Renea P. Avatar
Renea P.

5 star ratingAs someone who hates going to the dentist with a passion I have to say that Dr. Dugger and his staff are top notch! I was having some issues and they were able to get me in quickly for a consultation and then decide on a game plan. After almost 2 years of wondering what the issues were he figured it out. I really appreciate his consultative approach, his willingness to work with me on how and when I want to complete the work and his laid back personality. The work he did was pain free which is a first ever! Alexis his assistant is so professional but very personable and I actually enjoy going to the dentist for the first time in my life!

Marsha H. Avatar
Marsha H.

5 star ratingWe are new to Oregon and having to change dentists is never an easy thing. I had a dental emergency and Dr. Dugger and his team were awesome! I was able to get an appointment the same day. So glad to have our new dentist in our new town!

Stephani C. Avatar
Stephani C.
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