Gum Disease Linked to 49% Increase in Blood Pressure Risk

periodontist in West Linn

If you need a periodontist in West Linn, odds are something has gone terribly wrong with the health of your gums. As we’ve covered before in this blog, gum disease has consistently been linked to other health conditions, including hypertension (high blood pressure). Now, a new review of existing research suggests that the more severe…

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Five Common Causes of Gum Inflammation

Women with tooth pain in West Linn

A healthy mouth often acts like the best barometer for predicting an individual’s overall health. While we often focus on how healthy and attractive looking our teeth when determining the current state of our oral health, the gums can actually tell us and your dentist in West Linn far more information. When our gums become…

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Study Finds Amalgam Fillings a Potential Health Risk

Dentist With Teeth X-ray In Front Of Woman

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in West Linn, our team at Dugger Dentistry always maintains the health and wellbeing of patients as our top priority. Providing safe and effective dental care to our patients is one of Dr. Dugger’s favorite parts of being a cosmetic dentist in West Linn. That’s just one of the reason…

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Twigs, Oil, and Mud? What History Tells Us About Brushing

Female brushing her teeth in the mirror

When Dr. Dugger instructs patients on the need to care for their oral health, he’s usually referring to brushing twice a day and flossing daily. While most people use a toothbrush and dental floss to complete these daily tasks, not every culture throughout the world cares for their teeth in this way. Many indigenous groups,…

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A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants

X-ray view of denture with implant , 3D illustration.

If you require dental implants in West Linn, our team at Dugger Dentistry offers the skill and experience needed to restore your smile back to health. If your smile suffers as the result of one or more missing teeth, dental implants make an affordable and lasting solution that can restore your ability to confidently eat,…

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